Great Plains Biotechnology was founded by Dr. Tyler Martin in June 2013. It's purpose is to create opportunity on the frontiers of biology. Dr. Martin is a 20 year veteran of the biotechnology industry and has built and led teams and companies that have translated interesting biology into products that have had a positive impact on the lives of patients including FLUAD, an influenza vaccine licensed in Europe that includes the novel adjuvant MF59, HEPLISAV, a hepatitis B vaccine that includes the novel adjuvant 1018 and is under regulatory review in Europe, and is in phase III in the United States. He led the medical affairs team responsible for TOBI, a drug that revolutionized the care of persons with cystic fibrosis.  Dr. Martin, and his network of colleagues, have the expertise to support a wide variety of projects.

Great Plains works in four business units. The Strategic Consulting unit provides strategic drug development advice to large and small companies. The Operational Consulting unit provides operational support across all development functions to clients who need quality personnel to acheive their project objectives. The Strategic Investment unit provides due diligence services to life science investors. The Incubator unit provides guidance and support to emerging biotechnology companies.

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